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IPLAS price list

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"Cooperation with SPIID has resulted in the launch of the IPLAS system and its components: the Gateway module, cloud data processing services, monitors to view the status of current production in the production hall and a reporting portal with dashboards tailored to our needs - we recommend it!"
IPLAS price list

Price list for IPLAS
using the data cloud

Data is collected from 2 independent machines, 14 values are observed for each machine, which are read every 5 seconds, but sent only if a new product comes off the conveyor belt.

The machine produces about 3,000 pieces of product per day.
The size of the data volume for one machine is 42,000 readings per day. For two machines, it's 84,000.

For this client, a subscription in a cloud solution with a two-year contract would amount to PLN 900.
IPLAS price list

Price list for IPLAS installations in your infrastructure

On-premises installation?

In the case of installing the IPLAS system in your infrastructure, by making a purchase you become the owner of a lifetime license of the IPLAS system. Unlike the cloud-based approach, the price does not depend either on the size of the volume of processed data or the length of duration of the contract.
IPLAS price list

Regardless of which option you choose, we provide:

Solutions tailored to your facility

We will perform an audit during which we will look at the processes in your plant, draw conclusions and propose the best solutions.

Comprehensive help in implementation

A team of our specialists will prepare your plant for system implementation and efficiently carry out the system implementation process.

Training for your employees

We often encounter concerns that the program will be too difficult for employees to use. We have prepared a comprehensive implementation training that will prepare you and your employees to work with IPLAS.

Security of your data

We encrypt the connection based on the currently applicable standards, comparable to those applicable in electronic banking. We protect your data against loss and unauthorized access.

System updates

As part of our cooperation, you will receive free system updates. Our team of experts is constantly working on new functionalities that will help you develop your business.

Technical support

You can count on our help, just contact us by e-mail or phone. A team of specialists will address all of your questions.

Call or write to us and tell us about the problems and needs of your company!
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