Achievements Monika 2024-04-17

Company specializing in the production of batteries and accumulators.

  • CHALLENGE: Low production efficiency / underutilization of available resources in the production process.
  • SOLUTION: Implementation of the iPLAS system with real-time reporting enabled quick and accurate identification of problem areas and their duration.
  • RESULT: Increase in the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) from a level of 40-50% to approximately 80%.

The largest independent European producer of laminated glass.

  • CHALLENGE: Periodic excessive use of demineralized water in the production process of laminated glass and during glass washing.
  • SOLUTION: Continuous monitoring of water consumption for technological purposes, notifications in the form of email or SMS messages sent to designated individuals in case the system detects excessive consumption.
  • RESULT: Reduction of monthly water consumption by over 60%, increased response speed of the Emergency Response department in case of emergencies while maintaining a high standard of the glass washing process.

A company specializing in the production of barrels and metal packaging, as well as polycarbonate bottles for mineral water.

  • CHALLENGE: Lack of control over technological parameters, working time, gas consumption, and the current content of the furnace.
  • SOLUTION: Visualization of production parameters, gas consumption, effective furnace utilization time, and unit gas consumption per piece in the form of a synoptic map.
  • RESULT: Real-time and remote monitoring of furnace operation, information on the energy efficiency of the painting process for various products, quick response to deviations in real-time.
SPIID Company. Our Achievements
We also specialize in IT systems for the medical and insurance industries.

Project Warehouse - massive data repositories for the eHealth Center.


Implementation of a data warehouse with reporting layer for an insurance broker.


Modern, integrated IT system for the State Sanitary Inspection.


Complex data warehouse for an insurance intermediary.