Benefits Monika 2024-04-10
Production management brings many challenges with it.

Modern monitoring and optimization software will revolutionize the operation of your plant and elevate production to an entirely new level!


A system exactly tailored to the needs of your plant

iPLAS is a universal and flexible solution. What does it mean? That we will adapt it to your needs, proposing an appropriate data storage model (in your infrastructure or in the cloud) and enriching the system with plug-ins that allow you to download data from various sources. Thanks to IPLAS, you will extract from the data that is the most important to you, in order to optimize production and increase profits.

Less downtime on production lines and lower losses

A spreadsheet in Excel may tell you the truth, but in order to extract it from a huge number of numbers, you have to work a bit... while in the iPLAS system it is enough to take a look to see which production line does not keep up with others or where you are losing too much materials . Thanks to it, you can quickly catch any downtime and fix the problem before it causes serious losses. What is more, by showing the current results of all production lines in the form of clear charts, you will motivate your team to work more effectively.

Lower failure rate of machines

Accurate, ongoing monitoring of parameters, supported with alerts and notifications (e-mail/SMS) will make you notice the slightest deviation from the norm on the production line. This control will allow you to quickly identify possible failures and keep machines in better condition. With IPLAS, you will increase the Total Equipment Effectiveness rate and you will operate in accordance with the Total Productive Maintenance approach – you will make the most of the available time of each machine.

Maximum efficiency, i.e. full use of available production capacity

iPLAS will help you manage resources that you might not have known existed yet. The system gives you not only insight into data, but also knowledge! You can analyse selected variables from different angles, calculate coefficients based on historical data, e.g. from several months ago and coming from different lines. Thanks to these possibilities, you will make changes in your production plant that will multiply your profits!

24/7 access to production data

You always have access to detailed data and indicators, presented in an accessible form (charts, diagrams, synoptic maps), which are updated on a regular basis without the need to reload (refresh) the page, everywhere the Internet reaches. Non-stop. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Possibility to download data from various sources

Sooner or later, such a need arises in every production plant. No need to worry, iPLAS has a modular structure – you can extend it with plugins for new data sources at any time. You can adjust the number of Gateway modules to your needs.

Savings related to the cloud approach

You do not have to expand your own server room or network infrastructure. If you decide to collect and process data in the cloud, all you need is a computer on which we run Gateway. We will provide space for your data, the computing power needed to convert it, and a network connection so that you can analyse the results. We will take care of updates and backups. Of course, if a data cloud conflicts with the security policy of your plant, we understand it! We will install the entire solution on the server indicated by you.

Increasing the level of security

It applies to both work in the plant, as well as the aspect of data storage. We encrypt the connection based on the currently applicable standards, comparable to those applicable in electronic banking. We protect data against unauthorized access and loss in the event of failure of communication on the Gateway-iPLAS route (in the absence of connection to the iPLAS system, Gateway modules collect data locally – the program completes it automatically after reconnecting). We create data backups in the unprocessed and processed form. With IPLAS you simply sleep well!

Simple operation

You don't need to be an IT specialist to use iPLAS. It is a cross-platform system written in Java that you can run on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/Server as well as Linux and OS-X. You register as a user, download the Gateway module for free, run it and configure it via the IPLAS portal, and you can operate on the data, easily create data processing and analyse the results. If you have any doubts, you can count on the support of our experts or see the Help and FAQ tabs.

Less paper documents

iPLAS denotes greater convenience, easier access to production data and an invaluable benefit for the environment.