Collection of data

Avoid the risk of data loss

IPLAS consists of Gateway modules that ensure security during the transfer of data collected in your production plant.

Thanks to the autonomous operation option, the risk of data loss (caused e.g. by a connection failure) is significantly reduced. The Gateway module allows you to collect them locally, and after restoring the connection, they are safely transferred to the system.

Data processing

Build it yourself

Thanks to the ETL system, you will build your own data processing processes. This process consists of the so-called blocks, the use of which you can design yourself. It all depends on what angle you want to analyze the collected data. You don’t need to know any programming languages – everything is simple and intuitive! If necessary, you can use ready-made templates.

Data presentation

Notice what's most important

In the IPLAS system, data visualization is performed in many ways. Reports are automatically updated every few seconds, so you can control the production processes in your plant even better. Use various presentation methods available, such as: tables, charts, gauges or trend analysis, and build your own reporting dashboard!

Access control

Protect your plant data

We care about the security of data from your plant. Only people with permissions will be able to view and define reports. You decide who has access to ETL processing, preview and modification of channel parameters in Gateway modules.

If the cloud installation is not for you – we also offer a stationary installation.

Thanks to the IPLAS software you will gain savings, increase production efficiency, avoid downtime losses, you will manage your team better … we could go on forever!

IPLAS will make your production plant fully prepared for the challenges posed by the market and the fourth industrial revolution.

AS IS (without IPLAS)HOW CAN IT BE (after the implementation of the IPLAS system)
Frequent production stoppages and machine failures. Untapped potential.No downtime on production lines, lower failure rate of machines, maximum production efficiency.
No reliable production data.Accurate and reliable data that can be collected and stored over a long period of time.
Problem with getting production information from many different sources.Easy collection of data, even from different sources.
Inconvenient access to current production information.Easy and secure access around the clock, from any device and anywhere in the world.
Difficulty in identifying the causes of downtime and performance drops in individual production lines.Quick identification of potential problems on a given production line. The ability to visualize the performance on a current basis on a screen installed in the plant – easier team management and motivation.

The IPLAS system is for you if:

  • you run a large or medium production plant,
  • production in your plant is automated and is based on the use of specialized machines,
  • you want to become more aware of the production processes in your factory,
  • you want to make the most of the production possibilities offered by your plant,
  • you want to always be one step ahead of your competition.

IPLAS collects production data from various sources using remotely managed modules. Data – depending on your preferences – can be collected in the cloud or in the infrastructure at your disposal. Then the system processes data in an appropriate way, extracting valuable knowledge.

The obtained values can be immediately visualized, and you can quickly draw conclusions and make the right decisions that will increase production efficiency and multiply the plant’s profits.

Implementation process

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