Who is the IPLAS system for?

The IPLAS system is for you, if you are responsible for production or if you are the owner of a production plant whose operation you want to improve and modernize. 

The sharp eye of an operator or a maintenance manager is not enough to monitor the production process. It is necessary to support it software that will keep track of the operation of production lines. However, it is not without difference which monitoring system you select. If you want to choose the best, test IPLAS for free and you will quickly find out that it is more than just standard MES.

  • IPLAS responds to your individual needs – you can independently build data processing processes, as well as track those values ​​and indicators that are most significant to you. What’s more, if at some point you change your mind and, for instance, wish to calculate OEE for a given machine a bit differently, IPLAS will instantly process all the required data from scratch and present it to you in a legible way.  
  • With IPLAS, thanks to the alarm and notification system, you can immediately spot downtime, loss of production line efficiency or the quality of manufactured goods. Accessible forms of data visualization will allow you to quickly draw the right conclusions.
  • The monitoring system is an excellent tool for motivating employees to work more efficiently – all you need to do is install a TV set in the plant, on which you can share the progress of work on all production lines, in the form of graphs. It will be immediately clear which team is the leader and which is lagging behind.

Why should I choose IPLAS and not a different production monitoring system?

There are plenty of reasons! Read what else you will gain thanks to the IPLAS production monitoring and optimization system by clicking HERE. Or test it now – it neither costs nor obliges you to anything (we promise: no strings attached!): DEMO