IPLAS – production monitoring and optimization

Maximum production efficiency

Whatever produced, it can be done more efficiently. Just a few weeks is enough to increase production efficiency by several percent! Impossible? Possible with IPLAS (Integrated Production Lines Analytical System), a production data monitoring and analysis software that gives you more than a standard MES system. 

Get the most out of production data!

IPLAS collects, processes and visualizes industrial data in the following way:

  • reliable – it reads them from PLC, OPC, UA, DA, Excel, HMI, ERP, databases and many other sources and formats;
  • permanent – you have access to the data 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world where the Internet reaches. What is more, you can set notifications and alarms;
  • simple and flexible – the intuitive menu and easy configuration give you more options. You create your own data processing processes and research production data (current or historical, e.g. from a few months ago) in the terms you are interested in, even without knowing the programming languages. You measure what you care about the most!
  • attractive – charts, diagrams, synoptic maps… it’s definitely not the same as an Excel table! Reports and analyses not only look better, but also make it much easier to draw accurate conclusions and increase production efficiency.
You can read more about how it works HERE. And if, instead of reading, you’d rather test it for free, click the DEMO button.

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