The price of access to the IPLAS system depends on the following factors:

selected data storage model: in the cloud or in your infrastructure,

the volume of processed data, which is calculated as the number of transferred variable values/day,

period of the contract for the use of the IPLAS system.

However, the price does not depend on:

number of users who use the system,

number of Gateway modules installations and the number of channels,

number of supported data sources,

number of reports/ETL processes/alarms defined in the system.

How is the volume of the transferred data volume calculated?

Examples of assumptions:

  • data are collected from 2 independent machines,
  • 14 values ​​are observed for each machine,
  • values ​​are read every 5 seconds, but only transferred when a new product comes off the production line.

The machine produces approximately 3,000 units of the product per day.


The size of the data volume for one machine is 42,000 readings per day. For two machines, it’s 84,000. For this client, the subscription in the cloud solution with a two-year contract would amount to PLN 400.

Pricing for the data cloud approach

Daily data volumeContract for 2 yearsContract for 1 yearContract for an indefinite
0 – 10 thousandPLN 100PLN 110PLN 120
10 – 50 thousandPLN 200PLN 220PLN 240
50 – 100 thousandPLN 400PLN 440PLN 480
100 – 500 thousandPLN 900PLN 990PLN 1,080
500 thousand – 1 millionPLN 1,200PLN 1,320PLN 1,440
1 – 5 millionPLN 1,700PLN 1,870PLN 2,400
5 – 10 millionPLN 3,000PLN 3,300PLN 3,600
10 – 20 millionPLN 5,000PLN 5,500PLN 6,000
20 – 40 millionPLN 10,000PLN 11,000PLN 12,000
40 million +individual pricing

Price list for IPLAS installation in your infrastructure (on-premises installation)

If you install the IPLAS system in your infrastructure, by purchasing you become the owner of the lifetime license of the IPLAS system. Unlike the cloud-based approach, the price does not depend on the volume of data processed or the length of the contract.

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