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Take the management of your production plant to the next level

Whatever it is that you produce, you can do it more efficiently. It only takes a few weeks to increase production efficiency by several percent! Impossible? Think again. Possible with IPLAS (Integrated Production Lines Analytical System), the software for production data monitoring and analysis that offers you more than a standard MES system.

If you often ask yourself:

IPLAS is exactly for you and your company!
Working with our software will make your production plant fully prepared for the challenges posed by the market and the industrial revolution 4.0.


What can I do using the IPLAS system?

You collect and process data

Collect production data from various sources with the use of our Gateway modules. The knowledge you need is hidden between the lines - draw it from thedata thanks to the ETL process.

You analyze and visualize data

Select the data needed for the analysis and present it in a clear and attractive way. It is you who chooses whether you want to use a table, a gauge or a chart.

You draw conclusions and act!

Having carried out the analysis, everything is in black and white - now you must draw conclusions together with your team and start acting accordingly!


What does the IPLAS system look like?


What will I gain thanks to the IPLAS system?

Thanks to the IPLAS software, you will increase savings, improve production efficiency, avoid losses related to downtime, and you will also manage your team better…. To name a few!


How can I try out IPLAS?

Of course, to meet the expectations of our customers, we have created a Demo version of the system.
You don’t need to worry that using it will be difficult and time-consuming. You choose the level of advancement, and our assistant will guide you through the system.
Do you want to test IPLAS software in your company free of charge?
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Answers to frequently asked questions

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a solution supporting maintenance and organization of production in an industrial enterprise. IPLAS both is and is not one of them. It offers functionalities available in other monitoring systems, but the concept behind it definitely goes beyond the standard MES system.

In special cases, the IPLAS system can be supplied with data obtained from the existing SCADA system. However, this requires ensuring integration between SCADA and IPLAS, which can be ensured by e.g. using files exported from SCADA.
The IPLAS system can also be a data source for the SCADA system. In such case, it will also be necessary to ensure appropriate integration between the systems (exchange of data by means of files, or sharing data from the database).

IPLAS communication with other systems (e.g. ERP) can take place using text files issued by the IPLAS connected to the system
(e.g. CSV format), or by enabling data downloading directly from the database of the connected system. As part of IPLAS implementations, we practice both approaches.


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