Case studies

BMZ Poland – producer of batteries, accumulators for electric tools, electric bicycles, cars and buses.

Production at BMZ Poland includes many different projects, carried out on lines consisting of several / a dozen workstations (manually operated by employees), constituting a stream of production that ends with the manufacturing and quality control of the both finished product or semi-finished product.

Press Glass S.A. – the largest independent European producer of insulating glass for the construction industry with factories located in several countries. We have implemented the IPLAS system in the branches in Radomsko, Miętno, Tczew, Tychy and Varazdin (Croatia).

Press Glass is aware of the need to improve the quality of its products as well as to optimize the consumption of resources used in production processes. The aim of many activities performed in the company is to improve both customer satisfaction and the company’s impact on the environment. One of the media used in the production of insulating glass units is demineralized water for cleaning the glass. In order to maintain the proper quality of products, it is vital that the water in the glass washers is periodically changed as well as properly filtrated.

Will it be like that for you?

IPLAS will not solve the problems that affect the low production efficiency for you, but it will precisely indicate their occurrence and duration. Thanks to proper data analysis, you will be able to take action aimed at problems found and ultimately improve the efficiency of the production process.

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